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<3 Welds

<3 Welds

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Google Glass: I want my sci-fi future now

Just noting down my long-time product idea here, so i can say i thought of it way back when…

Ultimately (and i appreciate that this is limited by battery life etc), I would want my glasses to be permanently recording on a one minute loop so that I can have the opportunity to record and retrieve those moments where you’re just not quick enough to pull a camera/phone out.  But then, ‘ultimately’ we we all be wearing these with a constant stream to the internet anyway, and if you choose to make it public, the friends/anyone will be able to tune in on YouTube and just watch what you’re up to with certain highlights flagged by the user/wearer.  Cool, huh?

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Links: 30th Oct 2011


Meaningful Transitions - Motion Graphics in the User Interface« deals with the use of animations in the user interface. It documents transitions in a clustered way to show at which place transitions can be a helpful extension to the static user interface, because of cognitive benefits to enhance the user experience.




Ponoko is an online marketplace for everyone to click to make real things.

It’s where creators, digital fabricators, materials suppliers and buyers meet to make (almost) anything.

Next Birmingham Tumblr Meetup is 1st of April, 6:30pm The Victoria, John Bright Street


The Victoria is an awesome pub with a great selection of cocktails and fancy beers. It’s a 2 minute walk from Birmingham New Street / City Centre. It’s a pretty small and relaxed place, we’ll probably have a table and have lots of Tumblr stickers to hand out.

Where? The Victoria, John Bright Street, Birmingham, B1 1BN.
When? Thursday 1st April at 6:30pm

To RSVP please reblog this post or email Tom. See you there!

UX, Design & Silverlight links : 26th Feb 2010 

Layer Tennis Coin-Flip archive - ahead of today’s 2nd friendly match


Time running out to see Dieter Rams exhibition

and a Panel Discussion in London on his work next Tuesday

Smashing Mag: Designing interfaces for Business oriented web apps


Proper under-the-counter geek pr0n


Good food for thought on Silverlight Resource Dictionaries


Dangerous icon set…


MIX 10 - 2 weeks to go!


The first INTERACTIVE visualisation from InformationIsBeautiful


UX, Design & Silverlight links : 25th Feb 2010

Launch48 comes to Birmingham in March


Experience Maps – combining persona with abstracted stories / journey


It’s funny (or sad) because it’s true… “Why You Can’t Work at Work” by Jason Fried


Very cool HTML5 canvas Cloth Simulation


Core 77 Design magazine - Don’t know how I’ve missed this til now


Microsoft and Agile development


The Orchard Project : open source ASP.NET application components


Silverlight Links

Comprehensive list of resources to get started with Silverlight and Blend


A top 10 of Silverlight Myths vs. Facts


Silverlight Augmented reality Toolkit!